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Grunge iPhone Background

Grunge iPhone Background Wallpaper

This new Grunge iPhone Wallpaper is the latest which I have been working on this week, I have this on my phone at the moment, it looks pretty cool.

I have again used elements featured on the Photoshop Brushes site in cluding the new large Metal Photoshop Textures to make this and quite a bit of wacom drawing, thinking of doing a full set of these in the future if people like them. Still havent got round to releasing it but this one fits in well with my Grunge Wordpress Template (must get that sorted soon).

Need to sort out a blog for this site then I can get comments, hope you like the new stuff!

Twitter Bird Icon

Twitter Bird Icon Ideas

Twitter Bird Icon

Still not 100% sure who's responsible for this (secretly thinking it's smashingmag) who I follow on twitter. Anyway about two weeks ago I read a post saying Designers should take some time out from working for others and do some design work for themselves, to keep fresh.

That started the ball rolling, got in that night from work and started to create a dirty Grunge Wordpress Theme using images and Photoshop Brushes from my site with loads of hand drawn bits using my trusty Wacom Tablet.

Over Xmas had a few days off and I had some ideas for doing some Twitter Icons and these two are ones that I created and I'm now happy with, got loads of other ideas and started to work up some sketches to see if they will work or not, heres another one that I have just completed featuring a suicidal no follow twitter bird here's the starting sketch which inspired it.

A big thanks to the owner of that post, I've had loads of fun making these (even had to build this page to explain it all) don't forget

Take time out from working for others and do some stuff for yourself

Grunge Wordpress Template

Grunge Wordpress Theme

Took quite allot longer than planned but I'm pretty happy with how its turned out, still a few wish list minor alterations I want to add. The Wordpress skin started out quite tame and got more arty as time went on, I did think at one point no one will want this but I made it for me and I had loads of fun making it. As my friend ppcleeds says might be good for Rock bands and Warcraft styled blogs.

One really important thing I did learn when showing the design guys at work what I'd been doing was how good or bad a simple design can look on different monitors, don't trust what you see at home, take a look at work and on a few other screens, I'm on a new monitor now thanks to this.

Thanks for the comments and support from all the people (online) and people I work with, that includes you Curious K :)