Photoshop Brushes News

29th Mar

Got a few more cool brush sets created and still re working lots of the old brushes along with launching a collection of my favourite photoshop textures, all busy here. Also doing a rework of the site design, new version will be live very soon.

23rd Jan

Just released another six hi quality free Metal Plate Texture images, really like this new set

30th Dec

Released a simple Photoshop Tutorial on the basics on how to use Photoshop Layer Masks.

29th Dec

Been doing quite a bit the last few weeks including making a Grunge Wordpress Theme made from the brushes available on my site, which will be for free download in the near future and making some Twitter Icons, put the latest stuff on a new Photoshop Goodies page so it's easy to find.

10th Oct

Released a large set of Finger Print Brushes which I have added to the existing finger print and hand print set. Again used these on my new twitter background.

3rd Oct

Just released a brand new set of eighteen large Coffee Stains and coffee cup marks, love this new set, loads of great large textures.

18th Sept

This addition to the site features fourteen new Floral Photoshop Brushes taken from Victorian Illustration, I like this new set very decorative, and would look good with grunge textures added.

13th Sept

The latest addition to the site are eighteen new Leaf Print Brushes that my daughter and I made, a good selection of different shaped leaves, with some excellent textures. Loads more new ones coming soon...

6th Sept

Just released fifteen hand drawn Arrow Photoshop Brushes, these new ones are drawn in pencil and scanned in (they are big) some of the arrows are solid fill and some are just line work, some nice scribbled textures.

30th August

Just added the latest set to the site featuring seven really large Aged Rivet Head photoshop Brushes (1.61meg). This new set should be good for creating grunge borders and will also be good for making metal sheet styled images. More coming very soon...

9th August

Its been ages since I added any new brushes to the site, but I'm back on with adding the stuff that I have photographed or designed over the past two years, loads more photoshop brushes. Also going to add some more upto date Photoshop Tutorials.

Just added the new Graffiti Photoshop Brushes set featuring loads of great 3D hand drawn Graffiti lettering, been doing some updates to the photoshop brushes site the last few weeks, been a while since I have done anything to it, but I'm back on track. Just sent the Free Powerpoint Pages website live, this is already getting really busy, it features a selection of my Free Powerpoint Images, available for free download.

Working on some new sets, can't say too much until I have finished them but the three new sets will be good to say the least :)

Should have some more bits done for the Photoshop site soon. The new ones are going to be rather special, been working on one of them for a while now.

Just added another twenty one photoshop brushes, the new set are scanned from an instruction manual and feature a selection of font Photoshop Brushes.

The new set is now live the new Grunge Photoshop Brushes features eleven photoshop brushes for distorting photos and images, I should be adding some more of these in the next month if the prove to be popular.

Currently working on another large set of scratched brushes, these should be going live soon. Also I have to add several excellent Photoshop Tutorials created by RUSHvision.

Once again sorry for the delay in getting the new sets up online, been busy updating the Leeds limo hire section of the Limo hire directory. Just released two new sets Blood splatters and Hand Print Brushes. These new sets have taken quite a bit of time to get together. But I think you will agree they are worth the wait. Should have some more time to get some of the new sets online in the next few days (holidays we love them!!)

Just added a new set of Scribbles and Sketches to the site, this new set features nine sketches some rough and some high quality.

Just added a new set of seven Grunge Corner Brushes, the first set are very popular, so here's some more to go with them.

A new year and a new news page.
As promised just added the Skull Cracks to the site these are taken from close up digital photos of the Sheep's Skull which is also featured on the site.

The Photoshop Brushes site has also been blogged by Randall Bennett on the Unofficial Photoshop Web log Pretty cool site featuring all types of Photoshop tips and reviews. Thanks for the post!