Aging Photographs using Photoshop Brushes page 1 of 2

New Photoshop Image

Open the image or photograph, then duplicate a layer and turn it off so you have a safe copy. Next we need to remove the colour from the image.

In the photoshop menu at the top of the screen go to 'Image > Adjust > Desaturate' or (shift + Ctrl + U) on the keyboard.

This will remove all the colour information from the selected layer. You should now have a greyscale image.

Hue Saturation Palate

Next we need to colourize the desaturated layer and add some colour to it. At the top go to 'Image > Adjust > Hue / Saturation' (Ctrl + U) This will open the palate as seen on the left, tick the colourize button and drag the sliders up and down (tick preview) to watch what happens to the photoshop image, for this tutorial i'm using

hue = 32
saturation = 25

Then click OK to apply the image changes.

Adding More colour to a photoshop layer

Next I have created a new photoshop layer above the colourized layer and filled the whole layer with a RGB mix of

R = 155
G = 65
B = 14

Then I have used a default photoshop soft edged brushes and erased Eraser Tool most of the middle section away. After doing this I have set the opacity to 36 in the layers palate. This is optional you could add black to darken the edges or a colour mix of your choice.

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