Aging Photographs using Photoshop Brushes 2

the layer at 36 setting

You should now have an image looking something close to the picture on the left.

The next stage is to add some photoshop noise using the filter menu, this will give the image a grainy texture.

Add Photoshop Noise Settings panel

Select the layer which contains the main colorized image, up at the top go to 'Filter > Noise > Add Noise...' a small window will open as shown on the left, in there select how much photoshop noise you want to add to the image, click on preview to watch how the image changes. For this photoshop tutorial I have selected the noise filter settings as shown in the screen shot, using monochromatic noise as I don't want any more colour adding to the image, and keeping the amount quite low as I don't want the overall image to overtake the photoshop brush marks which we will add next.

For the brushes I used these two set of Grunge Brushes 1 and 2 from the Photoshop Brushes download area. I used several layers only using the airbrush tool spraying just black and white. As I wrote in the using Brushes Basic Tutorial you can alter the layer opacity creating several different effects, also if you use several layers you can build up the depth of the aged picture.

Final Aged Photoshop Image

And here is my final version, Its worth experimenting with the different settings on all the image adjust sections to see what effects you can create, its also a great way to learn more about photoshop.