Dragging Layers in Photoshop

Small Photoshop Document

Sometimes when Rotating Photoshop Brushes, you will need to use larger canvas sizes, as the photoshop brush becomes cropped when using small canvas sizes.

The Image to the left shows one of the Cracked Photoshop Brushes applied to a new image.

Rotated Photoshop Layer

When the layer is rotated the image is cropped at the top and the bottom. The way round this is to create a new large document eg 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels the add a new layer to that document, and then apply the photoshop brush.

We need both the new large document and the small original document to be open and side by side. Select the large document and in the layers palate, click on the layer you applied the photoshop brush to, and drag the photoshop layer across to the small document and then drop it there, as shown in the screenshot below.

Dragging Layers in Photoshop

Now you can rotate the new dragged photoshop layer in the original document and no cropping will occur. This technique can also be used to get elements from one document to another TIP: If you hold down the shift key while dragging the layers they will be placed in exactly the same place in the new document, note both documents must be the same size.