Loading and replacing Brushes

Photoshop Brushes Menu

Loading brushes in Photoshop 6 is pretty much the same as in Photoshop 5.5 apart from the palatte window now appears fixed at the top of the window. To enable the use of brushes click on a brush tool eg the airbrush in the main tools menu, then select (figure 1) this will give you access to the brushes menu. From the brushes menu, you can select different sized brushes to work with.

Photoshop Brushes Loading Menu

To load and replace brushes click on the figure 2 button as shown above, this will display a new menu as seen on the right. From this menu you can now load the new brushes. There are several ways of loading Photoshop brushes, one which I use is to select 'replace brushes'.

If you are working on a gothic styled image and you want to use nothing but grunge brushes click on 'replace brushes' then select the brushes you require and load that set. This will replace the default brushes with the new grunge set. To add more grunge brushes simply click on load brushes from the menu and select the new brushes, this will add the brushes to the existing grunge set. The other way is just to click on 'load brushes' and then select brushes to add to the existing brushes in the brush menu. When you have finished working with grunge brushes to put the brushes menu back to the default settings, click on reset brushes. As I mentioned in the Photoshop 5.5 loading tutorial its worth keeping the downloaded brush sets in a safe place. One really good feature in Photoshop version 6 is that if you place the new downloaded brushes in photoshop's brushes folder found here on my machine 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 6.0\Presets\Brushes' then the brushes are displayed by name in the menu, and from there you can quickly swap and replace brush sets.