Creating Shiny Buttons in Photoshop

First create the canvas size that you need for this tutorial I'm using 271 x 34 pixels. Create a new layer and then select the gradient tool from the main menu. Click on the 'edit' button and create a two colour fade from grey to white, for this one I've used Red Green and Blue (RGB) all set at 89 as seen here on the right.

Using the new created gradient, click at the bottom of the canvas and drag the cursor to the top. (if you hold the shift key down while dragging it constrains the angle, keeping it straight) then let go. You should now have something looking close to this image.

Now we need to add a highlight, create a new layer and using the 'rectangular Marquee Tool' select a strip roughly half the height of the canvas, then fill this with white.

Next we need to blur the white rectangle slightly, taking the harsh edge of it, I used 'Gaussian Blur' (found in filters menu) set to a radius of 0.9. next we need to alter the opacity to fade the white, I used 28 as the setting so its quite subtle.

To create the button dividers, create a new layer and draw a 1 pixel line in grey using the pencil tool using the smallest brush from the brushes menu, from the top of the canvas to the bottom (again holding the shift key down will keep it straight). Then next to that line create a 1 pixel white line, next we need to erase part of the top and the bottom of the lines. Use a large soft edged brush so it fades gently. To create more dividers simply duplicate the layer and use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the new layer from side to side.

And finally add your button text, and then move the button dividers to the correct places, and you should have something like this.