Creating Photoshop Brushes from a Photograph

Photoshop Image

This tutorial will show some basics on how to create a Photoshop brush from a photograph or a scanned image.

Firstly either scan in an image or open a digital photograph, now we need to crop the image to the size that we want the brush to be. Using the rectangular marquee tool selection tool make a selection and then (in the top menu) go to 'Image' then 'Crop'.

tip: if the selection tool has any feather on it this wont work, the feather needs to be set at 0.

selected Photoshop Image

Next we need to remove the background, there are several ways of doing this but the pen tool pen tool is one of the easier ways, using the pen tool draw round the shape you want to keep, then in the paths palatte select 'make selection' you should now have an image with a selection running round it as shown in the image on the left.

Now go to edit and cut (ctrl + X), the screw head should now have disappeared, to paste it back go to edit and paste (ctrl + V), The screw head will now appear on a new layer.

Photoshop Layers Menu

To remove the background image, click on the eye in the layers palatte as shown in the image on the left labelled 1. This turns on and off the visibility of the layers, with the background turned off you should now have just the screw head showing on a white background.

Depending on how complex you want the brush to be you can now Save the Photoshop brush. To see some more complex features in photoshop brush making go to the Next Tutorial , Featuring adding a shadow effect and adding a cracked effects.