Saving Photoshop Brushes

First you need a selection of Photoshop brushes to save, you can either create these from new as shown here , or you can download other Photoshop Brushes from the Internet, and collect all your favorite brushes together into one large set.

Start by loading all the sets of photoshop brushes you want in that set, now sort through the brushes and delete the ones you don't want by right mouse clicking on them or ( alt + mouse click (photoshop version 6 onwards over the brush you dont want) 5.5 Ctrl + mouse click).

When you are happy with the brush selection in the palate go to save brushes, this will save all the brushes into one set. You will need to delete all the default photoshop brushes as well, as any brushes featured in the menu will be loaded into the .abr file.

This method is pretty handy if you want to keep e.g. all your grunge, nature etc. together in one large set.

Tip. If you want all the Photoshop brushes back to normal, simply click on Reset Photoshop Brushes.